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Analyzer is an online engine that automates the process matching and sorting job candidates to your organization. It turns the process into research-proven science.

Analyzer will enable you to discover your organization’s culture and unique characteristics by benchmarking your outstanding employees.

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Organizational Demo Report

The Organizational Report will give you a detailed analysis of the applying candidate with his or her relative strength and weakness. It will also match the candidate with the Organizational Calibration and tell you graphically and numerically the extent to which he or she fit into the role and culture of your organization

Accurate, Automated, Proven

Recruiting employees on the basis of resumes and job interviews alone is not enough. Analyzer will help you match your candidates to your organization’s motivational characteristics and culture in a simple, accurate and affordable manner.

The Science Behind Analyzer

Analyzer is a joint effort with leading researches from the academy. It is based on the theoretical foundation of the Organizational Culture Profile (OCP) that was developed by O’Reilly, Chatman, and Caldwell (1991) and over 15 years of hands-on experience in HR.

It is a proven tool for improving your recruitment efforts up to 0.8 accuracy! It was tested and accepted by leading organizations and proved to predict the performance of new employees better than any other tool. Read More


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feedback I received was instantly revealing, analyzing my character to a tee. Because it was so spot on I found myself buying into the analysis immediately, (i.e. I trusted it.)