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Analyzer was established as in 2012 by a group of experienced and enthusiastic interdisciplinary professionals. Our team has many years of experience in leading placement and assessment companies and consists of psychologists, assessment experts, statisticians and internet experts. We are united in our commitment to create and provide a new and innovative way that will enable people and organization to find each other easily and accurately. To that end we developed after years of research the “Attribute Pyramid”, an online, easy to use and highly accurate tool that matches people and organizations based on their core values, motivations and culture.


Most employees who do not succeed in their jobs struggle, not because they lack the necessary skills and knowledge, but because there is a lack of a good match between their motivations and attitudes and those of the organization they work in. We help both parties overcome this difficulty.


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The Analyzer Team

Our Team
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    Vered Ido Grosman

    R&D Manager

    BA and MA in cognitive psychology from Ben-Gurion Unviersity
    More than 10 years experience in the fields of assessment,
    placement and organizational consulting,
    including occupational consultation and the development of new assessment tools.

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    Efrat Gawie Weiss

    Marketing Manager.

    B.A., Business Administration - Management Information Systems at Ruppin Academic Center
    Over 15 years of experience in human resources, management and sales

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    Rafi Elimelech


feedback I received was instantly revealing, analyzing my character to a tee. Because it was so spot on I found myself buying into the analysis immediately, (i.e. I trusted it.)